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Framing impacts the way in which we view and experience art. A frame not only enhances the way the piece looks visually, it also plays a key role in protecting artworks from environmental factors such as UV light and dust which can cause damage to your artwork.

Studio Walls offers premium bespoke framing in three sustainable timber options:

Matte White Frame
Natural Timber Frame
Matte Black Frame

Each frame is custom made by hand locally in Melbourne. We use sustainably sourced timber and gallery-grade perspex, preferred over glass in contemporary art framing due to being UV-protective, light-weight and shatter resistant. Every frame is covered by our unconditional 10-year guarantee, our confidence in the quality of every frame made. Your artwork will arrive to you beautifully framed and ready to hang within your interior space. 

We like to think that the right frame is an extension of the piece of art that it sits around. As well as enhancing and protecting the artwork, the frame can influence how the viewer perceives the art. For example, the frame can be used to express the personality of the individual who owns the art.

Put some thought into what finish will best compliment the interior space the artwork will be hung in. We love using sustainably sourced natural timber for a warm, contemporary finish that compliments most interiors.