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In Conversation:
At Home With Caroline Walls

 Step inside the home of Caroline Walls, visual artist and founder
of Studio Walls. We asked her about her art practice, bringing to life Studio Walls and how she loves to style her own home interior.


Can you tell us about yourself and what it is you do?

I’m a visual artist living in inner-city Melbourne, Australia with my partner and two young daughters. Through my art practice which spans painting, drawing, sculpture and print-making I love to celebrate the female form and explore themes relating womanhood, intimacy and human connection

Stripped back to the most essential line and shape, your work explores the reduction of form as a way of heightening its expressive power. What inspired you to begin representing this subject in this way through your art practice? 

I think it’s really a mixture of things that drew me in to representing and interpreting the female body in my practice – albeit in an abstract way. On a very basic level I really do love the aesthetics of the female form - its curves, solidness, its sensuality. I love the process of simplifying forms to create highly abstracted yet hopefully gestural artworks that, although streamlined, still have a sense of expression and vitality. It is as much about the lines that I choose to create as it is about the lines and curves I choose to leave out of the bounds of the artwork.

Why did you start your new fine art print business, Studio Walls?

I’m passionate about both the visual arts and beautiful, considered interiors so with this in mind I brought to life Studio Walls. I wanted to create a destination for impactful, bold fine art prints that have an accessible price point alongside an art-buying process that includes bespoke framing all in one.

It was important to me to create an art business that wasn’t intimidating or time-consuming for the art-buyer. Many of my friends and clients mentioned they would buy unframed art but it would sit in the postal tube for months or years on end as they never got around to framing their pieces, so with this in mind the inclusion of bespoke framing means that people can purchase an artwork and it will arrive to your door ready to hang.

What are your top tips for styling art within a home?

I like to think a home should be an authentic and intimate expression of the person who lives in the space and should tell a little of their personal story. I do this by bringing together a culmination of art, found objects, ceramics and books I’ve collected over the years and grouping old and new pieces together to add a sense of character and depth.

I love spaces that feel like they have a sense of warmth and richness so with this in mind I like to layer framed artworks together, leaning them against a sideboard, mantel or along the floor to create little vignettes. Above the bed or dining table I love a large, singular piece that anchors the room and creates a strong visual impact.

At the end of the day if you fill your house with pieces you genuinely love there is no right or wrong way of styling -  surrounding yourself with art and objects that feel good to you ultimately means you’ll create a meaningful space rather than an interior that feels too generic or impersonal.

Looking to the future Studio Walls will continue their Art & Interiors series, taking you inside the homes and interiors of people we find inspiring, asking them why living with art is important to them and what inspired their own space.